Nokota® Horse Conservancy http://www.nokotahorse.org

Equi’libre is Nokota by Veronique and Guilliaume, France http://www.equilibre-is-nokota.com/

Equiphany by Jerusha Steinert, Minnesota http://www.equiphany.com/

Jack Lieser Horsemanship, Texas http://www.jacklieser.com/

Pionier Farm by Nadine Granau and Gerd Götschmann, Denmark http://www.pionierfarm.de/

Nokota-Ranch by Marchal Family, France http://www.nokota-ranch.com/

Sotardalens Nokota®hästar by Werner Family, Sweden http://nokotahorse.wordpress.com/


Örnsköldsviksortens Ryttarklubb http://www.ryttarklubben.se/




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